Monday, December 16, 2013

How Much To Offer When Submitting A Real Estate Bid

As real estate investors, one of the most important decisions we make is how much to offer when submitting a bid on a piece of real estate.  There's no single rule or process that will guide investors through this important decision, but there are a few different strategies and points that can help you to be successful.

First of all, let's consider that the sale or purchase of real estate is one of the largest financial transactions that the majority of people, including investors, will undertake in their lifetime.  For this reason, it should not be taken lightly as it can make, or break, your financial position going forward.  So let's list some key points to consider when forming your strategy.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Riding The Ups And Downs of the Real Estate Market - Or Not

Most investments go through a natural cyclical pattern with highs and lows.  The real estate market is no exception.  Then why do we expect it to always grow?

Flip vs. Hold For Rental Income

If you're anything like me, you would prefer to cash in on your hard work rather than sit around and see your money slowly trickle in through rental income.  But depending on your situation, either of these options might be the best decision for you.  So how do you decide whether to flip or hold your property for rental income?

How To Get Started In The Real Estate Business

There have been many articles written about the real estate rehab business that tend to be either for or against this industry as a viable business.  This blog, and in essence my message, is created to tell you how to set yourself up for success.  It's not easy and not for everyone, but believe me, if you are dedicated, you can do it!